Panties model 30647 Wolbar

23,80 Iva Inc.

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Modelling and slimming high-waisted panties. Made of tightening fabric, perfectly shaping the figure, optically eliminating figure imperfections. The advantage is the vertical, long seams, which further slenderize the female figure. The back is made of mesh which lifts the buttocks. The panties are finished with a silicone tape that prevents slipping.

Spandex 17 %
polyamide 83 %

Size Hips width Waist width
L 104-114 cm 74-84 cm
M 92-104 cm 64-74 cm
S 82-92 cm 56-64 cm
XL 114-126 cm 84-94 cm
XS 74-82 cm 48-56 cm
XXL 126-138 cm 94-104 cm

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