Panties model 49452 Wolbar

27,49 Iva Inc.

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High-rise panties, which tempt with beautiful openwork lace at the bottom, and work on your silhouette at the top. Slightly compressing it, they slim your tummy, emphasize your waist and shape the line of your thighs. Made of soft fabric. Silicone tape on the inside, which allows to keep the underwear in place (panties do not slip). Lace definitely delights the eye and emphasizes the buttocks. Underwear for “special tasks” has probably never been so sexy!

Spandex 41 %
polyamide 59 %

Size Hips width
L 93-96 cm
M 89-92 cm
S 85-88 cm
XL 97-100 cm
XXL 101-104 cm

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